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The United States is one of a few countries left in the world that provide a citizen the right to have a trial by jury of their peers. Many of you have loved ones or someone you know presently serving in the military who are doing their part to preserve the freedom we all enjoy as U.S. citizens. By serving as jurors we can "do our part" and preserve one of the greatest rights we have. your presence makes this possible. Please do not take for granted or neglect your responsibility as citizens to ensure this freedom.

It is a tremendous sacrifice to take time away from your family, home, job, and other responsibilities to give a week of your time to the court system. By law NO ONE is exempt from jury duty.We will work with you any way we can to make your services as a juror as convenient for you as possible, including postponing your service to a later date.

I have included some general information that should answer most questions you have. If you have a question not covered in this section, please call Dwayne Amos or Traci Clanton at 256-927-3637.

It is my hope that after you have served, you will be proud to have been a part of the justice system. The system cannot work without each of you. I am confident you will find jury duty to be rewarding and an educational experience.