Circuit Civil

This division of the office handles all the various types of circuit civil cases. Due to the complicated nature of these cases, we ask that parties involved in a circuit civil case keep in touch with your attorney regarding any questions you may have concerning your case. Copies of all notices and judgments are mailed to your attorney. Attorneys are encouraged to use Alacourt to obtain information regarding the status of a court case.


Fee Description

Fee at Filing

Circuit Civil filing fee ($20,001 - $50,000) $294.50
Circuit Civil filing fee ($50,001 and over [and any unspecified amount]) $394.50
Workman's Comp filing fee $242.50
Jury Demand Fee $100.00
Additional Defendant (if served by sheriff) $10.00
Subpoena Fee $12.00
Garnishment Fee $30.00
Execution $30.00
Attachment Fee $30.00
Writ of Possession Fee $9.00
CV additional Plaintiffs (except DR) $100.00 ($1,000 max)
Motion for judgment, default judgment or summary judgment $50.00
Motion or complaint to appear as an intervener or 3rd party plaintiff $301.00
Counterclaim, cross claim, third party complaint, third party motion, action for declaratory judgment $301.00

CERTIFIED MAIL - When requesting service wherein the address provided is a post office box, or is out of state, the papers may be served by certified mail. You should prepare an envelope, green card, and green and white sticker. Be sure that the Clerk's address is the return address, to-wit: CIRCUIT CLERK, 100 Main Street , Room 203, Centre, ALABAMA 35960 . You must affix the proper postage onto the prepared envelope. For current certified mail fees, please go to